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Who We Are

Our Vision

We will always share the love of God, wherever we are and however we can, so that everyone we meet has the chance to become a follower of Jesus

The 4 “Tent Pegs”

Church in every street.
We believe that cells are the bedrock for our church life.  Groups of people of a common location, sharing their lives together and sharing God’s love for those around them.  Our dream is that there will be a cell group in every street, road, avenue or cul-de-sac in our community.
Church for every generation
We believe that the message of salvation and new life is for all, regardless of age or background.  We will strive to ensure that everything we do as God’s people is inclusive and welcoming, relevant and interesting, biblical and challenging to all the people groups we interact with.  Our dream is that we will see the love of God touch every generation in our community.
Serving God by serving our community
We believe God calls us to serve those around us.  Through our actions we will strive to bless our community, not seeking reward, our only desire to be a reflection of God’s free gift of grace and compassion, where our actions speak louder than our words.  Our dream is to see the values of the Kingdom of God transform the life of our community.
Worship, learning, ministry: by all and for all
We believe that every person in our church has an equal and valuable contribution to our growth as people of God.  In all we do, we seek to equip, enable and release everyone to express worship more freely; to help increase our understanding of God’s word, written and spoken; and to pray and minister in the power of the Holy Spirit for the building up of the whole church.  Our dream is for everyone to experience fully the abundant life God promises for all.

Our Values.

We will be people who will:.

Love God. - with lives that honour and worship Him above all else.

Love each other. - with lives that demonstrate selfless care for our brothers and sisters.

Love the world. - with lives of integrity and holiness that shine with God’s amazing grace for all people.

Love the earth. - with lives that value, respect and care for the wonder of God’s creation