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What We Do

Sunday am
We meet together as a whole church at 10.30am every Sunday. During our time together each Sunday we want to praise and worship God, learn more from his Word, encourage and build each other up and have some fun along the way! We spend approximately 20 minutes or so in praising and worshipping the Lord through song. This is usually followed by a short talk and then we like to have time afterwards when we can respond to what we’ve heard by praying together and encouraging each other. Most weeks we’ll finish with tea, coffee and some very good biscuits!
As well as meeting on Sunday mornings, during the week we get together in smaller groups, known as cells. These meet in people’s homes, and typically consist of between 6 and 10 people. The purpose of these groups is for us to get to know each other better, learn more about God, study the Bible and support and encourage each other. Why are they called cells? Every living organism is made up of cells, and as living things grow, then cells multiply. That is our intention for cell groups: that as more people join with us, then each cell will grow to a point where it will naturally become two new cells. Cell groups meet on Tuesday and Wednesday Evenings, and we have one group that meets during the day on Tuesdays. 
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The Noise
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