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HUGS (Harlington Area United Christians Giving Support to Schools)

Supporting staff and students by representing a Christian value system within the Harlington Area Schools.

HUGS was formed in October 2008 to develop and implement a strategy for achieving this vision.

  • The steering team includes Christian Church members and leaders representing the many Church streams and church groupings present in the Harlington Area Schools. 
  • Meetings with youth organisations from around Central Bedfordshire have formed a fuller understanding of the availability of youth services and have also improved communication links which will assist in developing a joined up approach.
  • Close links have also been formed with the schools- resulting in the production of this statement explaining our role and mission. 
  • We seek to support staff and students by bringing a coordinated broad cross section of Christian community involvement directly in to the schools within the Harlington Area.

We are currently at an early stage of development but have started to deliver the following:

  • Student Mentoring
  • Self Esteem Courses
  • Talks to student groups on careers from personal experiences
  • Assemblies with particular focus
  • Open The Book presentations
  • Direct careers advice
  • Christian Union
  • A youth drop-in-centre

The following local Christian organizations support HUGS:

  • Anglican Deanery Ampthil Chapter
  • Churches in the Methodist Circuit
  • Churches Together in Toddington
  • Churches Together in Harlington
  • Pioneer
  • Leaders and members of Local Churches and Church based organizations

 HUGS is accountable to Churches Together in Harlington

We liaise with various groups including the Harlington Upper School Access and Inclusion Unit, and Central Beds to facilitate new & existing Christian based resources so that targeted interventions can be delivered through:

  • Funding an in-reach Youth Worker
  • Recruiting & Supporting Volunteers
  • Getting involved in coordination across Central Beds
  • Applying for CIO status to the Charity Commissioners.